Old World Hardware is a brand in the furniture market that specializes in manufacturing hand forged, rustic iron hardware and accents sent directly to furniture and door manufacturers.

Operating in Southern California, as branch of our main partner, DeMejico, Old World Hardware continues the tradition of a small, family-owned business. With a large showroom, our customers and clients can visit to view our hardware offerings, featured in a wide range of furniture pieces from tables to armoires, to garage doors and gates.

From clavos and pulls, to iron straps, hinges, and grills, Old World Hardware offers a range of products to take your existing piece to a new level of style and design. With natural rust, sealed, and black finishes, each accent reflects an authentic, Spanish style. The eye-catching details are not only functional, but decorative as well, enhancing your home decor without having to purchase all new furniture.

Whether you will be adding to and revamping an already existing piece, or working to create a new and custom piece, Old World Hardware takes pride in designing and creating rustic hardware products that both we and our clients will be proud of.

If you have any questions about creating custom pieces or ordering a large quantity of products, please feel free to Contact Us.