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Colonial Hinge

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The Colonial Hinge is a unique decorative hinge, completely hand forged from wrought iron. With a “T’- shape design, ornate edges and carefully etched in detailing, these antique strap hinges show off classic, Spanish Colonial style. Add the Colonial Hinge as iron hardware for doors, cabinets, armoires, or even garage doors for an attention-grabbing look.


L 15-1/2 x H 10-1/2 x D 1/2″

*Due to the hand forged nature of these products, Expect some variations in size and shape.


Included with Purchase: 8 Screws, 8 3/4″ Clavos
*8 countersunk holes for screws and 8 smaller holes for Clavos (intended to cover the screw)

To install these hinges, use a screwdriver to fasten the screws into the appropriate countersunk holes.
To install the Clavos, we recommend pre-drilling a small pilot hole.
Once the pilot hole is drilled, carefully hammer in the clavo.

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