About Us

If you’ve heard the name DeMejico before, you’re probably familiar with the custom furniture manufacturers, specializing in authentic Spanish designs.
Old World Hardware is a daughter company of DeMejico, which has branched out in creating the decorative hardware seen on many of DeMejico’s furniture pieces.

Branching out from the popular custom furniture manufacturer, Old World Hardware got its start with the ever-growing popularity of Do-It-Yourselfers.
Many customers and long time clients began to inquire about purchasing the decorative hardware on the furniture pieces, and so, Old World Hardware was created.

Owned and operated by DeMejico in Southern California, Old World Hardware continues the tradition of a small, family-owned business. While the majority of that business is done directly online at the customer’s convenience, SoCal residents have the opportunity to visit our large DeMejico showroom, which is always open to the public. There, customers have the opportunity to see our products in person, featured in a wide range of furniture pieces from buffets and tables, to armoires and hutches, to doors, gates and more!

From clavos and pulls, to iron straps, hinges, and grills, Old World Hardware offers a range of products to take your existing piece to a new level of style and design. With natural rust, sealed, and black finishes, each accent reflects an authentic, Spanish style. The eye-catching details are not only decorative, but functional as well, enhancing your home decor without having to purchase all new furniture.

Whether you will be adding to and revamping an already existing piece, or working to create a new and custom piece, Old World Hardware takes pride in designing and creating rustic hardware products that both we and our clients will be proud of.

Although Old World Hardware has only been on the market since early 2014, we’ve filled many orders and are proud to have been a new style in many home revamps and DIY projects. We’ve built a large client list, with multiple repeat customers, even ones adding to their own furniture company's pieces.

About - Old World Hardware, Decorative Hardware, Rustic Hardware
About - Old World Hardware, Decorative Hardware, Rustic Hardware

About the Process

So, how does it all work?
Well, just like our parent company, Old World Hardware's products are all handmade in Mexico.

Our designs take inspiration from Spanish and Old World styles, as well as keep up with the changing styles of today, such a modern and rustic.

Each and every single product that comes out of Old World Hardware is completely forged by hand, from our master ironsmiths and artisans. There are absolutely no molds involved! And that means that each and every piece has its own slight, but mostly unnoticeable, variation.
That also means that these products take time to come to life. Creating new designs and re-ordering inventory can take between 6-8 months, depending on the intricacy of the piece.

All pieces arrive to us in the natural, Raw Iron finish.
For our customers, we offer three finishes: Raw Iron, Sealed, and Black. The Raw Iron finish allows those expert DIYers to apply any finish of their choice, while the Sealed is a protective clear coat, and the Black is a matte black paint.

These pieces come ready to install with the appropriate screws, nuts, and bolts.