Old World T Door Strap

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The Old World T Door Strap is completely hand forged from wrought iron. Featuring an authentic hand pounded surface, this rustic hardware strap gives off a classic, Old World Spanish style look. Enhancing this style, each end shows off a bold arrow-shaped end. As iron hardware for doors, the Old World T Door Strap can be added to any new or existing door or gate, for a decorative touch with a hint of Spanish flair.


Length: 12-1/8″
Height: 11-1/4″
Width: 2-5/8″

*Due to the hand forged nature of these products, Expect some variations in size and shape.


Included with Purchase: 4 3/4″ Clavos

  • To install these straps, use a screwdriver to fasten the screws into the appropriate countersunk holes.

*We recommend waiting to drill any holes until the product is received.

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