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Round Lasso Pull

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The Round Lasso Pull is a decorative drawer pull, hand forged from wrought iron. Grabbing your attention, this pull features a thick ring, paired with a simple, round backing. Inspired by Western hardware, the Round Lasso Pull features a twisted rope design. Paired with any dresser, armoire, or night stand, these ring pulls are a fun addition if you are looking for a mix of Western and Spanish design.


L 1-3/4″ x H 2-1/4″ x D 1″

*Due to the hand forged nature of these products, Expect some variations in size and shape.


Included with Purchase: 1 Nut

To install these pulls, carefully pre-drill a hole in the desired location on your drawer/cabinet.
Feed the attached bolt on the product through the hole on the outside.
On the inside, twist the nut onto the bolt. Tighten carefully.

*We recommend waiting to drill any holes until the product is received.

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