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The 3″ Teardrop Pull is a simple hand forged hardware pull, from wrought iron. This classic and popular style pull showcases a rustic, aged look, fit for any Spanish or Old World style home or furniture piece. With a hand chiseled textured surface, this pull puts a new and unique twist on the classic “teardrop” shape. Serving as rustic hardware for cabinets or drawers, the Teardrop Pull is slim and easy to handle. Add it to your kitchen, living space, or bathroom furniture for a rustic-inspired touch.


Length: 1/2″
Height: 3″
Projection: 5/8″

*Due to the hand forged nature of these products, Expect some variations in size and shape.


Included with Purchase: 1 Nut
  • To install these pulls, carefully pre-drill a hole in the desired location on your drawer/cabinet.
  • Feed the attached bolt on the product through the hole on the outside.
  • On the inside, twist the nut onto the bolt. Tighten carefully.
*We recommend waiting to drill any holes until the product is received.

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