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Door Ideas

Captivate your guests as they enter your home by spicing up your new or already existing entry door with our rustic door hardware including hand pounded iron nail heads, grills, or custom rustic door handles.

door hardware[threecol_one]






Shown below is just one of the many ways in which Old World Hardware can make over an existing or newly installed door in your space.
By adding hand pounded iron nail heads to the paneling of this existing interior door, Old World Hardware was able to revamp the look and give the space a new and authentic Spanish feel.

 door hardware


Garage door decorative hardware, such as nail heads and straps, prove to be a seemingly effortless, simple additions to garage doors and gates, giving any home a new, polished look.
door hardware




Here, minimal additions such as an iron grill and a few iron clavos can even spruce up the side gates of your home.

door hardware 

Browse through the gallery below to see even more Old World Hardware additions to several doors and side gates from some of our favorite past projects.


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